Trunk Show & Designer Event: Brooke Gregson

Brooke Gregson, a renowned fine jewelry designer, integrates her Los Angeles, West Coast heritage into her work, emphasizing a deep reverence for the natural allure and rarity of gemstones. Her distinctive approach to design is not just a testament to her creative vision but also becomes an extension of the wearer, personifying individuality and elegance.

In the realm of fine, contemporary jewelry, Brooke has garnered immense respect for her authentic and innovative designs. Her use of vibrant colors and meticulous craftsmanship sets her apart. Each piece of jewelry is a fusion of artistic vision and masterful execution, handcrafted by a dedicated team in both London and Los Angeles. This team consists of skilled metalsmiths, enamelers, setters, and master engravers, all united by a shared passion for their craft and a commitment to sustainability.

Our own Jenny Livits, had the opportunity to interview Brooke Gregson on her podcast. You can listen here.


Our process involves a small, select group of the finest artisans. Each individual brings a unique touch to the creation process, contributing their expertise and passion. This collaboration results in exquisite pieces of jewelry that are not only visually stunning but also embody the spirit and energy of those who crafted them.

Brooke plays an integral role in the design process, meticulously overseeing each stage of production. From the initial design to the final creation, every piece is handcrafted in London and Los Angeles, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail.

Central to Brooke's design philosophy is her discerning selection of gemstones. She seeks out stones that possess unique characteristics and an intrinsic depth of beauty, appealing to those who wear her creations on an intuitive level.

We maintain strict ethical standards in our choice of gemstone sources, partnering only with those affiliated with reputable organizations such as the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) in the United States and the World Federation Diamond Bourse (WFBD) in Europe. These organizations uphold the highest ethical standards in the industry.

In line with our character, we align ourselves with sources that not only meet these high standards but also share our integrity and passion for the art of fine jewelry. This commitment to ethics and aesthetics ensures that each Brooke Gregson piece is not just a work of art but also a symbol of responsible luxury.

We will be featuring Brooke Gregson pieces in our In Store Trunk Show from December 1-3, 2023.