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About Pink Lagoon

Pink Lagoon is the go-to destination for sophisticated women looking to discover and refine their own personal style.


Located in the Cedros Design District of Solana Beach, we house a dedicated selection of women-run & elevated designers that make our clothing, apothecary, vintage designer, high-end shoe and fine jewelry departments incredibly special. Each piece is handpicked to create a curated boutique representing top designers from Los Angeles, New York and abroad.


Over the last 10 years, Pink Lagoon has become more than a boutique. Customers are welcomed by our in-house stylist team who know how to help each individual capture their own authentic style. Visit for a highly-edited array of stunning brands. Explore each department within the boutique department store. Experience in-store styling in a whole new way. Attend our fine jewelry designer trunk shows. And most importantly, celebrate the beautiful friendships made along the way.



Wardrobe Design
+ Styling

The stylists at Pink Lagoon are passionate about helping clients discover their personal style and create the ideal wardrobe for their lifestyle. The only way to build your wardrobe is to reassess what you’ve already invested in – filter through what you have, keep the items that you love and still fit, and clear out the items that take up space and keep you from honing in on your true personal style. By helping clients style complete looks and find the gaps in their wardrobe, Jenny Livits and the rest of the Pink Lagoon team assist clients in creating a well-balanced and edited wardrobe.


Meet Our Stylists

Style, creativity and a personal touch are what Pink Lagoon stylists are known for. Each member of the team has a personal connection and sincere love for the art of style – their passion inspires clients everyday. Book your free in-store, one-on-one time with one of our stylists. They will pull looks personally for you providing a thoughtful approach for your wardrobe. The stylists at Pink Lagoon are passionate about helping you create the ideal wardrobe for every aspect of your life.

Jenny Livits


Jenny Livits was born with a natural entrepreneurial spirit and a genuine passion for design, fashion, and art. She opened Pink Lagoon in 2007 in the Cedros Design District of Solana Beach. By growing a personal clientele, she was able to identify what women were missing in their wardrobe, which then fostered her original concept of becoming a Wardrobe Design and Styling Boutique. She sought out to create a shopping experience focused on styling women based on their individual lifestyle and adapting seasonal trends through a unique buying matrix.

With more than 20 years in the fashion industry, Jenny’s experience, love for styling, and passion to continue to build her brand and company never waivers.

Jenny’s warmth and positive energy sets the tone for her entire team and Pink Lagoon community. A speaker at retreats and conferences, Jenny supports women on their own path to identifying their own individual style. In her personal life, Jenny is a mother of two girls who love yoga, hiking, cooking, reading, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.

On Style

"My personal style is California-easy, casual and cool. I always like to keep things easy. The key to looking effortless is to actually be effortless (in your outfit and in your attitude.) I appreciate a laid back sensibility to all of my outfits."

Wardrobe Styling

"My approach to fashion has always set me a part in this industry because I believe in dressing for your lifestyle. I’ve always believed in dressing well for every aspect of your real life. I approach styling with sincerity and a true care for their well being. I like to listen to their story, hear about their life routines and then, style from there. It’s always been about the style and the soul for me."

"Sometimes you have to jump. I’ve grown Pink Lagoon into what it is today through making risky yet passionate business decisions. It’s all about believing in yourself. The best advice that I’ve given is for people to look within themselves for answer instead of trying to find those answers elsewhere. It’s good to dig deep! Ask and you shall receive."

Jenny's Top Five

"Cozy basics (T-shirts from The Great, Hoodies from Tee Lab by Frank & Eileen and light-weight tops & dresses from Xirena) are a must for me. I'm a mom of two who is also running a business. I travel often to LA, NYC and abroad for work, so coziness is an ultimate factor for me. I need to look polished and feel comfortable."

"I love my Citizens of Humanity jeans. Right now, I’m into looser cuts that aren’t so skinny. Cropped bootcut jeans have been my new favorite."

"I love my Fornasetti candle. I light them when I want to set the right mood in my office. It keeps me productive and inspired."

"I love, love, LOVE my fine jewelry bracelets. I have a personal collection of bracelets from some of my favorite designers like Julez Bryant, Suzanne Kalan, Brooke Gregson and so much more. It’s so much fun mixing these different pieces together to create a glamorous touch to my outfits."

"I also love earrings. From small studs to large statement earrings, I never leave the house without them on."

Jenny Livits

Allison Steinberg


About Allison

"I've worked in the fashion industry for the past decade. I started on the retail side then moved to wholesale sales positions with prAna, Peter Millar, and most recently, I was an account executive for Diane Von Furstenberg in New York City. For me, personal style is my favorite way to express myself. I’ve always felt like you can tell how I’m feeling by the way I’m dressed more than the look on my face."

About Wardrobe Styling

"Styling has always been more than a profession for me, and I feel lucky that I’ve been able to build my career around helping buyers and customers find pieces that express who they are."

Style Icon

"I have two style icons: Ali MacGraw and Kate Bosworth. My personal style is classic and tailored with a feminine, romantic sensibility. Great denim is a must-have – I love anything that is high-waisted. I can’t get enough of Frank & Eileen’s button downs, and I LOVE my gold hammered hoops from Julez Bryant. Since San Diego typically has an Indian Summer, I am always looking for romantic tops I can wear out with my husband on date-nights. Ulla Johnson is a go-to for me!"

Allison's Top Five

"High-waisted jeans"

"Chic Sunglasses"

"A great, structure bag – right now my BOYY bag is my favorite"


"Pink Blush – I’m fair skinned so blush is a must"

Allison Steinberg

Debbie Sweet


Personal Style

"I wear what makes me feel good and makes me feel like me. I tend to like classic silhouettes, maybe a bit tailored, classic and maybe masculine in my basic color palette of black, white, grey, olive and denim. I do tend to throw a ruffle or two in the mix and embellish with my brand of funky with an accent or a pop of pink or metallic. Those added touches make me happy....a chunky belt, cool, comfortable and edgy flats, a gorgeous handbag, an armful of pretty jewels."

"My style to me is effortless and comfortable and just kinda cool...I always have that black hair tie around my wrist for those frequent occasions when my hair is just bothering me. My makeup is I have earned my freckles, sunspots and wrinkles from a life well lived."

Style Icon

"While growing up, I looked to Lauren Bacall, Audrey Hepburn, Lauren Hutton, the Hemingway sisters: Mariel and Margaux, Cindy Crawford, Jennifer Aniston’s character in Friends, Lisa Bonet, Halle Barry. And in all honesty, I look to my coworkers. We all bring our own brand of cool into Pink Lagoon and it is super fun to collaborate. We all style a particular item into our own personal looks. I find it inspiring to say the least."

Debbie's Top Five

"My Gucci Princetown loafers because I can wear them with old sweats or new dresses and everything in the middle"

"Kjaer Weis lip glosses"

"A high end handbag. I have been that girl forever, I blame my mom"

"Denim I have to have denim! I still wear my Guess denim jacket from high school Blue Bottle Bella Donavan coffee beans...there is no substitute"

"For sure a Frank and Eileen button down or two or five. They are great to wear over something, around your waist, tucked into denim, with or without a tank underneath."

Debbie Sweet

Lynn Rutherford


About Lynn

"I have been involved in the style industry for over 15 years. I began by working in design and clothing production. I have worked in retail for over 10 years now, and I love it. It’s awesome working in this industry! I get to be creative with fashion and help others embrace the philosophy of having fun with style."

About Wardrobe Styling

"Lately, I have been loving The Great collection. Their Riding Jacket is the perfect Summer layer. It’s lightweight and soft. The fit is fantastic. I’d style this piece with a crisp shirt underneath. The Rigid Fellow jean is another favorite. It is perfectly worn in, and I could see myself wearing these all summer long."

Style Icon

"My style icon is Jenna Lyons! I love her bold and tailored look. My personal look is preppy and playful. I am a shirt fanatic. Pink Lagoon caries button down shirts from Frank & Eileen that I absolutely love. I have never worn rose gold jewelry until I found out about Julez Bryant. She refines her rose gold at her personal studio, so that is has a subtler color and glow!"

Lynn's Top Five

"I love my vintage Rolex. I wear it everyday."

"I love my Chanel pink combat boots. I scored them in The Studio, the designer vintage department of Pink Lagoon!"

"Currently, I’m really inspired by menswear. I love a good button down shirt. I could wear a new one everyday and be happy."

"Statement shoes are another love of mine. A recent acquisition of mine has been a pair of Newbark loafers – they’re turquoise pony hair!"

"Pockets are a must! It’s a practical detail that makes the world of a difference on clothes."

Lynn Rutherford


A Note
From The Founder

I often ask women, “How do you want to show up in the world?” For me, it’s always been about the style and the soul. It’s about dressing well for every aspect of your real life.


I created Pink Lagoon to empower women to express their true selves by unleashing their own, personal style. By creating a solid foundation of staple pieces—from the essential white tee to a knockout LBD or the perfect fitting jean—we help clients create a well-edited wardrobe with pieces in our various departments that are hand-selected with our clients in mind. In the end, it's about a personal look that is as effortless as it is chic.


I’m so excited to meet you and introduce you to our Pink Lagoon family.


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Come in and experience Pink Lagoon for yourself. We invite you to pop in during store hours to shop, attend one of our trunk shows or schedule a personal stylist appointment.




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