The Designer Spotlight: Frank & Eileen

When thinking of fashion, some questions that come to mind are what is eye catching, does it pop, do the colors blend in with the environment around you, is it stylish? Fashion is not only about what’s trendy; it is about the unique line and what is portrayed from how comfortable it is, to what the clothes may represent, and what it says about the person wearing them. The interpretation is so open ended but that is what makes Frank & Eileen so revolutionary as a designer label. Created by designer Audrey McLoghlin, these pieces embody her vision for women’s clothing to show that something as simple as a classic button-up shirt, which is traditionally a men’s piece, can be more versatile and forward thinking. This inspiration for McLoghlin’s vision comes from her Irish grandparents Frank and Eileen whose legacy continues to be displayed through her style of her many different pieces. McLoghlin highlights not only her heritage but also a variable of fashion unique for any occasion.

The Frank and Eileen design shows the versatility of McLoghlin by displaying that even work clothes can be comfortable. One piece that solidifies this statement is Rory. If one were to describe this piece, it would be reminiscent of a work shirt in dress form. Available in two colors of black and thyme the Rory is a button up that extends down past the knees but opens to let the wearer have room for the legs to breathe. With long sleeves that can be rolled back, this button up extends down the torso giving the freedom to show off footwear but not take away from the outfit itself. Made with famous denim and 100% cotton, the Rory is a simple yet versatile piece from the Frank and Eileen collection that shows that a work shirt with imagination can be a chic design great for spring days or even fall weather.



Another piece from the Frank & Eileen collection that shows off Mcloghlin’s vision is the Utility Shirt. This button-up shirt, while oversized, is a great piece for outdoor activities during all seasons. With rolled up long sleeves, this shirt is a great accessory piece for any outfit. It can be thrown over a white t-shirt or any shirt and left unbuttoned to easily be a jacket top instead of an actual top. The Utility Shirt comes in flannel with three distinct colors, Italian dream denim, textured flannel, and brushed canvas all natural looks that can be worn for any occasion.


One of the key themes of Frank & Eileen is the ability to display how the work shirt can be turned into its own outfit. The Ireland Long Sleeved Playsuit is another piece from the collection that can be an outfit of the day for any occasion from brunch to a casual dinner and wherever you go in between. The relaxed fit which comes in six assorted colors and sports scrunched up long sleeves is versatile in every meaning of the word. Along with the roomy chest, front and back pockets, and comfortable room the playsuit length stops just a little longer than mid-thigh with breathable room for the wearer to not feel snug. This Ireland style rumper can be styled with different footwear whether it be heels, sandals, or even flat sneakers. It is an outfit that consumers could wear comfortably during spring, to a summer barbeque, or even early fall to show a casual yet unique style.


Audrey McLoghlin’s vision for Frank & Eileen displays her family’s Irish roots with natural colors and comfortable fabrics. Her profession as a former engineer gives a little insight into why the work shirt holds so much importance to the designer label. It shows that a piece of clothing originally meant for the workplace and for males can be so much more. These few pieces described are yet but a few pieces from the Frank & Eileen collection that show the versatility of the button-up work shirt.  Frank & Eileen is a woman led business with the motto of believing women can change the world. It is a woman owned and 100% women led business that believes in the world being pushed forward by women and ethically staying connected to the same manufacturers for the past ten years. This brand is not only inspirational but caters to women all over with the beliefs that women are the future and can achieve anything.