Perfect Pairs & Accessories



Liza Beth Bee Charm



The colors of the shirt match the neutral color of the pants, giving the look a more dressed up, but casual look. Paired with the bee charm necklace, this adds a simple enhancement to flow with the neckline of the shirt. Paired with a cute pair of loafers, you’d have the perfect office outfit.

heart-charm-liza-beth-pink-lagoon-high-fashion-style-high-end diamond-chain-loop-earrings-liza-beth-pink-lagoon


The Savannah dress is very sleek and on the more formal side. Paired with the elegant heart charm and the Diamond chain loop earring. This jewelry pairing takes a very simple outfit and makes it classy.

 natalie-martin-amelia-blouse-top-pink-lagoon-high-end-fashion angi-utility-trouser-citizens-of-humanity-high-end-fashion-style-pink-lagoon pink-tourmaline-diamond-mini-bubble-ring-ali-grace-jewelry


The Amelia top has an exquisite pattern so paired with a simple trouser pant the blouse can be the star of the show. This outfit is paired with the pink tourmaline and diamond bubble ring. This ring is paired with this outfit because the top had the same colors as the ring so its leads to a subtle coordination between the jewelry and the outfit.

 dress-isabel-miss-june-pink-lagoon-high-end-fashion-style scattered-diamond-wide-band-ring-rachel-reid-jewelry-pink-lagoon-high-end-fashion-boutique bead-chain-necklace-rachel-reid-jewelry-pink-lagoon-high-end-fashion-boutique


The Dress Isabela is paired with a basic gold ring and simple but elegant necklace. The pattern of the dress is beautiful but can be overwhelming when paired with Jewelry that is more overpowering than then the dress. The jewelry selected adds a subtle touch to the dress.

 the-smooth-ex-boyfriend-favorite-daughter-pink-lagoon-high-end-fashion-boutique iris-eternity-band-pink-opal-storrow-fine-jewelry-pink-lagoon-high-end-fashion-boutique three-drop-earring-ali-grace-jewelry


With the smooth ex boyfriend blouse it can be paired with the similar style pants or be paired with the marlow slim pants for a more cheek oversized looked. Paired with the iris eternity band pink opal, this ring matches perfectly due to the shade of pink opal. This ring is a simple addition to an outfit that speaks for itself. Simple and classy gold hoop style earrings finish off this look.

 maxwell-blouse-generation-love-pink-lagoon-high-end-fashion-boutique marcelle-low-slung-cargo-in-sateen-citizens-of-humanity-pink-lagoon-high-end-fashion-boutique diamond-nugget-necklace-ali-grace-jewelry-pink-lagoon-high-end-fashion-boutique


The maxwell blouse pairs perfectly with the marcelle low slung cargo pants. This pairing allows for a modern twist on business casual. This outfit paired with the diamond nugget necklace is a simple addition. The necklace is flashy enough to enhance the outfit but not take away.