Client Spotlight

Today we are so excited to share our first Client Spotlight, featuring client and our dear friend  - Stephanie Fontanes. 
We wanted to share with you the diversity of INCREDIBLE women who shop at Pink Lagoon.  They all bring their own unique flair to their personal style and my hope and intention in sharing them with you, is you will find a little of yourself in each of them and be inspired to let your personal style be a tool in your tool box to becoming magnetic and living your most authentic and best life. Stephanie is the perfect first spotlight as she is an extraordinary woman who wears so many hats but does it all with ease and grace.  She has an incredible sense of self.  We had so much fun dressing her in the latest and greatest drops at Pink Lagoon.
Enjoy reading her Q&A below.... 
What are some hobbies & things you enjoy:  
I love traveling, reading, hiking, snowboarding, pilates……and, of course, shopping. 
What fills your cup?  How do you make sure you are living your life with style & soul?
I fill my cup by spending time with family and friends and always prioritize making memories with the people I love.  As I have gotten older, I am more protective of my own joy and I actively opt into events and people that make me laugh and make me feel strong and supported.  When I was younger, I accepted every invitation from everyone in my orbit.  Ultimately, we absorb the energy from the people and circumstances that we allow ourselves to be around so I am now more conscious of how I spend my time.  
How would you describe your personal style?
I tend to dress in a classical style, but with a groovy edge.  By adding a unique cut of jean, a stand out shoe, and statement jewelry (lots of it!!), I can elevate classic staples into distinctive looks. Ultimately, it is all about energy -- confidence is what makes an outfit stand out and attract attention.